Pre-orders are now open! Our wild caught salmon arrives in Colorado late September/early October. We are now accepting orders with a minimal down payment. By ordering ahead of us catching your dinners you’ll receive a discount on your “reserved” pounds and priority pickup.


2022 prices have been posted on our homepage, for point of reference. We don't expect to have to raise our prices from past years. Our final price will be posted after the salmon season for the 2023 wild sockeye we bring back. To reserve your salmon, add up the total quantity using the 10lb and 20lb options, we’ll tier you into your bulk discount groups at final checkout/pickup in the Fall. For every pound you’d like to “reserve” with the intent to buy, we ask you to place 1$/lb down (this is not the final price). By preordering you’ll receive 1$/lb off your total reserved pounds at final checkout/pickup. All preordered sockeye gets priority pickup at our Fall Salmon Drops. You can split pickups between drop locations and times. We will have a full salmon drop schedule released in the Fall, with available pickups through December.


**Pre-ordering your pounds is explicitly with intent to buy. Backing out of a pre-order will cost you your down payment. Confirm drop locations (same as last year) for your area. Summit County (Silverthorne), Denver (near 285), Park County, CB/Gunnison County, Chaffee County, and Fraser are all back on our drop schedule for this next season. Please keep in mind that even though there isn’t an invoice with your remaining owed amount that you should expect at least an equal price as last season. Last season’s  prices can be found on our home page.