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-Captains Hayden and Jaymi

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"I picked up my First salmon order from Savor the Wild in October. When I was stashing it into the freezer, I had to put aside a couple of pieces to try.
WOW, it is the best I have tasted. And I eat a lot of Salmon."

- Linda


"OMG. I don't need those wonderful recipes you gave me! Thawed out one filet in ice water and had the BEST dinner in months with a pan fry with just a little salt, little pepper, and tiny garlic.  So simple with the quality of your salmon! Please tell your customers! "

- Jane

The Story

"Salmon was amazing. My kids devoured it and were stoked on the story of how it got to the table. Both had seconds, a rarity for them on any meal. My wife and I loved it too! "

- Matt