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Captains Hayden & Jaymi
F/V Frances A & F/V Aurora Reign
Fairplay, Colorado is where we call home all Fall, Winter, and Spring. Every summer we fly up to participate in a small boat commercial salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The untouched beauty found there is the backdrop to the world’s largest harvest of wild sockeye salmon. This makes the return one of the last natural wonders. We are grateful to be apart of the harvest, and are proud to provide a source of wild caught Bristol Bay salmon. We are here to offer bulk shares of our summer harvest to our local Colorado communities!
Savor the Wild has been featured in an audio and written article by Stephanie Maltarich for Colorado Public Radio.  Find it here: 

Savor the Wild Presents: A Sockeye Summer


Savor the Wild 


Supply Chain Transparency:
From net to table, and a few caring hands in between. Sign up for our news letter, and receive updates as we bring the fish to you! Find out about the season, fishing stories, and track the salmon as it makes its way to Colorado.
Reliability & Integrity:
We follow through. It means everything to us, to do what we say! We are here to be your reliable source of nutritious wild sockeye salmon. Every year we offer annual bulk orders, and a winter inventory. We’ll send out a final Salmon Wagon notification when we’re on our last load.
“Exceptional is in the details”
From handling out of the net to the flash freeze, our sushi grade quality salmon fillets are guaranteed to satisfy! Follow our "Health Facts" page to learn more about the super food that is wild sockeye salmon! Savor the Wild wild Bristol Bay sockeye is certified sustainable. We stand with likeminded organizations that seek sustainable food sourcing and ecosystems which includes Don't Cage Our Oceans and Salmon State.
Pride & Stewardship:
Savor the Wild is here pridefully standing behind our product, the ethics in which each fish is harvested, and the sustainability of our natural resource. Follow over to “Protect Wild Salmon” link at the bottom of our page to learn more about how we fight to protect our resource, and how you can help too! 
Evolve & Grow:
As you show us what you need, through desired pick-up dates, locations, and quantities we are here to grow. We welcome all feedback. So, please email us with thoughts, ideas, and inquiries.