Spring Pre-orders




Springs and Summers are for Pre-orders! Pre-ordered Sockeye will arrive mid-September. Without a Spring cut off date, you can group up with friends on bulk purchase at your convenience all summer! It’s the best way to secure your share every season!

To place an order, 

First look into our delivery options, and see if we’re in your area!

Next, place your order and desired location. Please, don’t forget to subscribe to emails! This is how we keep you in the loop.

Finally, we’ll establish pick-up times. Communication is key. We will contact you via email, or phone to dial in our pick-up times.


Pick-up dates and locations for Spring Pre-orders:

It is important to note that given a large enough quantity, we will accommodate alternative drops and times. Please email us if you find yourself outside of our listed locations!

Spring Pre-Order, Fall Pick-up locations:


Denver, Fairplay, Breckenridge, Frisco, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Gunnison/Crested Butte, Buena Vista/Salida, Vail.

Utah ** Locations available only for Spring Orders/Fall delivery. 

Moab, Salt Lake City

Pick up dates on Pre-orders***

Currently subject to Seattle arrival/ shipping dates. We expect our fish by mid Sept. Once the fish hits the road towards Denver, we’ll reach out to establish our pick-up date options! It is very important to include your email and pick-up location when ordering. Please subscribe to emails, so we can share updates and recipes! 


- Savor the Wild Owners