2024 Pre-orders






2024 pre-ordered sockeye will arrive in late September. Pre-ordering is the best way to secure your share every season at the lowest price! Pre-orders are reserved with a minimal down payment. By ordering ahead of us catching, you’ll receive a discount on your “reserved” pounds! To reserve your salmon, first verify a pickup location that you are able to pick up at. Boxes will be delivered during salmon drops in the fall and winter on a revolving schedule to each community. Next, go to the “Shop” page on our website and add up the total quantity using the 10 lb and 20 lb options for either portioned or full fillets of flash frozen wild sockeye salmon. We’ll adjust you into your bulk discount groups at pickup. For every pound you’d like to “reserve” with the intent to buy, we ask you pay $1 per pound as a downpayment (this is not the final price). By pre ordering, you’ll receive $1 off per pound on your total reserved pounds at final checkout in the fall. Lastly, look for our post season email update that will be sent out late August/early September. We will have the season recap, Colorado ETA on our season's salmon catch, final prices, and the first month's drop dates in this email. We'll reach out by email to confirm your intended pickup location and time. This year we upgraded to a big freezer trailer for our first few deliveries so no one gets turned away based on our capacity!  Expect no more delays on preordered salmon pickups. Orders can be split between pickups, on orders of 30lbs or greater. This next season, we plan to hold inventory through the spring.
All reserved salmon will get priority pickup. 
**Pre-ordering your pounds is explicitly with intent to buy. Backing out of a pre-order will cost you your down payment.
Confirm drop locations (same as last year) for your area. Pickups in Fairplay, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Salida, Gunnison, Crested Butte, Silverthorne, Steamboat Springs, Fraser, Denver, and Conifer are all back on our drop schedule for this next season.

Special Pick-up Dates and Locations for Pre-orders
It is important to note that given a large enough quantity, we will accommodate alternative drops and times. Please email us if you find yourself outside of our listed locations! savorthewildllc@gmail.com
Fall Arrival 
The arrival of our salmon is expected by late September through early October. Once the fish hits the road towards Denver, we’ll reach out to establish our pick-up date options! It is very important to include your email when ordering. Please subscribe to emails, so we can share updates and recipes! 
Final pricing comes out in the fall, after our summer harvest. Though we ask you to reserve your box before this price is set, we haven't changes our prices since we first started in 2020. Below is our past pricing.