How many servings is in a fillet of salmon?

A: 3-4 depending on how you cut it

Will my fillet have bones?

A: Each fillet is put through a “De-boner”, though you may find a stray bone. 

Do I cook the fillet with the skin on?

A: We do! The oils in the skin infuse with the meat to create a rich flavor.

Can I eat the salmon raw?

A: YES! Our fish are put into very cold temps during the flash freezing process, making the salmon 100% safe to eat raw!

How well do you cook a fillet?

A: Till the meat is flaky, just about medium rare.

How long can I keep a fillet in my fridge thawed?

A: We recommend no longer than 2 days, to preserve the flavor and freshness.

How long does a salmon fillet keep in the freezer?

A: Up to 2 years, but we recommend refreshing your stock annually.

What’s Savor the Wild’s favorite way to serve Sockeye?

A: With butter, salt/pepper, and lemon on the grill. Skin down.