Grocery Stores and Restaurants


Along with our spring consumer Pre-Orders, we offer large bulk purchases planned for Fall/Winter delivery. The bonus is the discounted rates based on total order and delivery frequency. We allow scheduled deliveries for the Fall and Winter for our grocery stores and restaurants. Because of the potential complexity of the order, we prefer to organize and take orders via email and phone. 

An additional service to ordering with us is our educational retail training resources, provided by the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA). Our Retail Educational PDF helps you better market your menu item, or label in your stores and is complimentary with your purchase.


970 409 2456 

To help establish price points our Spring Pre-Order for consumers is:


Fillets (13.99/lb)

Portions (14.99/lb)


Fillets (14.99/lb)

Portions (15.99/lb)


Fillets (15.99/lb)

Portions (16.99/lb)


**Prices will vary depending on delivery schedule and lbs ordered.