May 3, 2021

This past week has been all preparations. Prepping the Nida- Core fiberglass boards (that we’ll use to build our fish holds and back-deck) with their first layer of fiberglass, prepping the boat for a little fiberglass work, and finishing a ‘spring cleaning’ of the wiring on the f/v Frances A in preparation of the new Auxiliary Power he’ll have this year.  I’ll have more photos to share soon. 

Sometimes its hard to gauge a successful week when all you are doing is Prep work. Progress usually happens quite fast to on-lookers because so many pieces tend to fall in line at once, it’s all our prep work that will allow the big leaps and bounds here this next week. We’re anticipating new fuel tanks and the entire refrigerated sea water system (RSW) and auxiliary power to be dropped by the end of the week! 

What happens next? With a big sigh, Fiber Glass! Being this is both Hayden and I’s first real fiberglass project the learning curve has been steep. We’ll be fabricating 3 new fish holds and piecing the back-deck back together with our Nida-core sheets! We can’t wait for this phase to be complete! It’ll come together quick from there! 

Our fishing season starts mid-June. It takes about 4 days to drive up to Bristol Bay from Kodiak Island. Stay tuned in to all the excitement as we continue to gear up and travel North to participate in the harvest of the World’s Largest run of sockeye salmon! 


Captain Jaymi & Hayden