April 25, 2021


The transition from Colorado to Alaska every year is exciting and sometimes difficult. Leaving friends and family for work is one thing, leaving your home and dog for months is another. Luckily we both originate from Alaska and the transition is eased by the embrace of the communities here both in Kodiak, where we graduated from high school, and Naknek, where our boats and fishery live.

This year in particular we shipped ourselves North freakishly early to upgrade Hayden’s boat, the f/v Frances A. We are increasing his fish holding capacity and his refrigerated sea water system (RSW). As young fishermen we reinvest into our boats each year to increase fish quality. The 8.5 ton RSW Hayden is installing will make for Grade A quality fish and will help each fish get top market price.

We’ve been up here for 3 weeks, so here are a few pics of the process.

F/V Frances A trailing behind Jaymi’s previous boat the F/V Song Sparrow.


The start of the shelter we put up over the deck, so we can take the back deck off while the boat is in dry dock outside.


The shrink wrap shelter! The day after we shrunk the plastic a storm with sustained 50 kn winds and gusts to 75 came in! I’m happy to report that she survived her first test!


The Aft engine room where the old Refrigerated Sea Water system used to sit. Time to get to work!


To add fish holding capacity we had to take up a part of the back deck and the entire fuel tank! Ordering new tanks and measuring our perspective new fish holds! 



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- Captains Hayden and Jaymi